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I led the company invited to visit the surrounding cities in Wuhan
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Date: 2016-07-20
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Author: 佚名
Source: 公司新闻
Jingfeng team after years of effort, the market share gradually increased,

Jingfeng team after years of effort, the market share gradually increased, the company's product reputation continues to improve, Jingfeng company will enter a period of rapid development. With the expansion of the company's business, the existing plant has been unable to meet the R & D production needs, we hope that the original plant on the basis of actively seeking to add a second production base. Recently, the main person in charge of our company was invited to go to Wuhan around Macheng, Xiangyang, Yichang, Hanchuan, Tianmen and other places on-site inspection, to all levels of government departments to support and help.

To the capital of Wuhan Province, Hubei Province as the center of the 8 +1 city circle, focus on building infrastructure construction, industrial development and layout, urban and rural construction, regional markets and environmental protection and ecological construction "five integration", out of a new type of industrialization New urbanization path. We will actively layout the industrial structure, the introduction of venture capital to speed up the company's development process, to carry out independent patented technology research and development for our products into the "gold", cultivate a group of emerging semiconductor packaging and materials professionals, and actively seek industry chain cooperation opportunities, as always Do their own product development and production, in the field of integrated circuit packaging materials, to the world-class enterprises in line.

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